Terms and Conditions

Guests / Tourists

They are the person in whose Name or on whose behalf Booking and/or registration is made for any of tours organized by Netroot.

  • Company means NetRoot.
  • Tour/s/ package means any tours organised by NetRoot.
  • Tour Escort / Leader / Manager / Assistant by whatever designation called means a Person designated by Company to help / guide / assist the tourist in and or during World Tours Organised by NetRoot.

DEAR guests/tourists we have taken utmost care in providing you the best of our services throughout the tour. We assure you for a safe and happy journey without any inconvenience. We make sure that all our guests/ tourists are well satisfied. Below laid down are the terms and conditions are a part of procedure for traveling to any foreign destination.
We are a tour operating company. Our tours are well planned and we book the tours with in 24 hours of booking of tour by the guests. We register your tour by taking a full payment as an advance for the respective tours. CHEQUES or demand drafts are to drawn in favour of “NETROOT” payable at Vasai.

We do not have any control on opening and closing of tourist attractions, airline, hotels, transportation.

If any guests wish to extend his stay he will have to inform us in writing before 30 days of departure date. The added cost of extension will have to borne by the guest.

Any disputes arising related to tour are subject to Palghar jurisdiction.
All the guests are requested to make full payment of tour before 30 days of departure dates as it will enable us to make payments to suppliers and hotels etc.

Any guest failing to make the payment before 30 days of departure date, then the difference in , transport, hotels or any other parameters of tour will have to borne by the guest himself.

We also request the guest to take their medicines on tour along with the doctors prescription.

Special services can be provided to the guests at an extra cost.
We also advice the guest to refrain from keeping valuable goods in their baggage, as loss of the same will be compensated by airline but taking into account the weight and not the value of the goods in the bags. Tour managers and company is not responsible for loss of baggage of the guest/ tourists.

We also advice the guest to take care of their handbags as loss of the same will not be compensated by the company. We also advice the guest to take care of their passport and money. If in case any emergency like loss of passport or money occurs, the company will not be responsible for the same and all the assistance will be provided by the local counterpart at an extra cost. The tour manager cannot hold the tour for one person. The tour will be done as per the itinerary. The instructions and information of the tour, are to be followed in the group tours and tour manager is not responsible for any instructions overruled by the tourists and its consequences.

Tourist traveling abroad should take care of not losing passport. Loss of passport on tour involves costs and consequences such as filing FIR, visiting Indian Embassy, getting new passport or landing certificate, expenses on the stay, food, transportation etc. all of which have to be borne and paid by the tourists only. Getting the landing certificate or the new passport is the sole responsibility of the tourists alone. Tour Manager is not responsible or liable or under obligation, for the loss of passport and consequences thereof. Entire consequential expenses shall be met by the tourist (s). Any other tourist accompanying the tourist who has lost the passport wishes to terminate the tour intermittently will also be responsible to meet the expenses etc. No further refund will be given for the tourist leaving the tour abruptly.

If the guest are not able to reach on the given time at the starting point of the tour the tour shall be continued as per the itinerary and the guest will have to join the group either at the sightseeing spots or at the hotel. No separate transport will be arranged for the guests.

The rate of the tour quoted is calculated as per the rates prevailing at the time of quoting it. The Company reserves the right to change the rate in the event of modification / alteration / change / variation in the said rates before the date of departure. Any such increase in the tour rate accordingly must be paid in full by the tourist before tour departure. Any increase in tour rate during the tour must be paid in full by the tourist during tour. All tour rates are exclusive of all taxes applicable from time to time.

Itineraries Changes

Due to certain unavoidable conditions airline might change their flight timings or incase of any disturbances at any of the destinations the itinerary can be changed for the safety and security of the guest. We request the guest to comply with the same.

Check out time at hotel is 12:00 noon and Check in time at hotel for international tour is 03:00 p.m., early check in facility shall be provided as per the availability of the rooms at the hotels discretion. All guest are requested to follow the time schedule of the tour for smooth operation of the tour.

Meals are provided on tour on buffet basis. All the food served is of a very high grade hygiene and very nutritious. Although the guest has any special request like veg food or jain food or fast food, it should be intimated to us at the time of booking, as the same shall be arranged on tour. If the guest fails to utilise the meal he will not be entitle for the claim for any sort of refund.

First 4 seats are reserved for local tour guides and the tour managers and request the guest not to utilise those seats and cause any sort of inconvenience to the tour escorts and local tour guides. Any complaint against the tour guide or the tour manager shall be made in writing to us for necessary action. We are not responsible for any damages by the guest to the bus, airline or hotel and the same shall be reimbursed by the guest to the concerned authority.

Smoking and drinking on tour is strictly prohibited.

Prices are subject to change without a notice.

Cancellation Procedure

If full tour tariff is not paid in time, the Company reserves the right to cancel the booking/registration with consequent forfeiture of deposit and the deduction of cancellation charges.

A transfer from the originally booked tour to another tour is treated as cancellation of earlier tour and a fresh booking of another tour has to be made. All cancellation charges will apply on tour tariff and not on discounted tour tariff for the earlier booked tour. The tour tariff and discounts available / given for the cancelled tour are not valid for fresh booking. Tour tariff and discounts prevailing on the date of fresh booking of another tour will be applicable.

No refund shall be made If the tour is indefinitely postponed/ cancelled due to natural calamity, riots, political calamities or any other unforeseen calamities.

IF any of the guest wish to cancel his/her tour, he/she will have to inform us in writing. The below are the given cancellation charges applicable to guest. Customers can cancel the package booked with in 48 hours of booking and if done with in 48 hours, refund will be made to the customer after deduction of administration charges (5000/- inr per person) , with in 15 working days. Refund will be online. If the customer cancels his/her tour/package after 48 hours of booking the entire amount paid towards his tour/package is non refundable.

If cancellation is made after 48 hours of booking, any time once the booking is confirmed and payment done, irrespective of the number of days prior to departure/check in, 100% of tour cost shall be deducted.

We hereby presume that the guest who book their tours with us are well aware of the our terms and conditions and accept the same.

Please Note :- The package details mentioned on the website is for presentation purpose only, we reserve the rights to alter, add, modify and delete the content without any prior notification.